SmokeStop™ Filters

Advanced odor and smoke removal.
Advanced odor and smoke removal.

The SmokeStop™ is specifically designed for environments with heavy gaseous pollutants, such as smoke, odors, and harmful VOCs. Approximately 2 - 4 lbs of activated carbon, treated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, work in the form of hundreds of pellets to trap dangerous chemicals and annoying odors. The presence of activated carbon may affect airflow and CADR. View fact sheet 

Products in this line...
Utilize activated carbon to target tobacco smoke and odors with the 200/300 Series SmokeStop Filter, made to fit 201, 203 Slim, 215B, 203, 250E, 270E, and 303 units.
Put a stop to odor, tobacco smoke, and nasty VOCs instantly with the 400 Series SmokeStop Filter, made to fit our 402, 403, 410, 450E, 455EB units.
Effectively capture gaseous pollutants with our 500/600 Series SmokeStop Filter, pack of 3,made to fit our 501, 503, 510, 550E, 555EB, 601, 603, 650E.
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